Customer Loyalty Mobile

Enable your customers to accrue and redeem customer loyalty program points faster, whether they are 40,000 feet in the air or on the ground. Mercator’s customer loyalty application for mobile, mEngage, extends the benefits of your customer loyalty program and delivers an enhanced customer experience.


Extend value

Enable device independent, 24/7 access to customer loyalty program benefits.

Deliver on expectations

Enhance customer experience with a rich and interactive user interface.

Delight customers

Increase customer satisfaction with consistent brand engagement.

Personalize engagement

Personalize the customer experience with integration to passenger services.

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Promote engagement

Locate information easily and delivers the kind of experience your users expect with a next-generation interface.

  • View all on-going accrual and rewards based partner offers
  • Set offer specific as well as personalized goals
  • Monitor last interactions performed with the program and its partners
  • Interpret the total accruals for the past year, against each category type

Leverage extensibility

Integrate with existing, and constantly evolving, IT platforms and strategies.

  • Work on any mobile Android or iOS device
  • Include geo-mapping to locate partner outlets
  • Provide one-click access to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter

Increase efficiency

Streamline your processes and realize a significant ROI in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and time savings.

  • Scan and upload partner receipts for faster accruals
  • View and manage programs from an administrator point of view
  • Set push notifications on offers, goals and promotions
  • Utilize a virtual loyalty card removing the need for a physical one

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