Loyalty Program Mobile App

With more mobile devices than people in the world, mobile interactions are a key part of traveler journeys. How can you ensure you’re driving deep engagement with your customers wherever they are? Mercator’s loyalty program mobile app, mEngage, extends the benefits of your customer loyalty program and delivers an enhanced experience.

Personalize the Customer Experience and Promote Engagement

Customers seamlessly navigate between channels and devices, expecting their experience with your airline to be personalized wherever they are, especially on mobile. Enable customers to view all on-going accrual and rewards based partner offers, set offer specific as well as personalized goals, monitor accounts, and engage with information from passenger services.

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Interact Using Real-Time Location

Deliver a compelling mobile experience by sending timely, location-relevant updates to your customers using geo-mapping technology. Provide one-click access to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Leverage extensibility with existing, and constantly evolving, IT platforms and strategies.

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Increase Efficiency and Streamline Processes

Streamline your processes and realize a significant ROI in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and time savings with your loyalty program mobile app. Scan and upload partner receipts for faster accruals. Set push notifications on offers, goals, and promotions.

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See how mEngage engages your customers in the channel they use most—their mobile devices.

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