Airline Revenue Management

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, airlines need to optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth. Designed in partnership with some of the most successful carriers in the world, airRM is an innovative and proven airline revenue management solution with state of the art predictive and optimization models that drive better, more profitable decisions.

    Manage Thousands of Flights Simultaneously

    Traditional airline revenue management systems focus on individual flight departures, providing users with tools to help them make decisions and examine information – one departure at a time. airRM provides analysts the ability to manage thousands of flights simultaneously. Selectable numeric and color-coded indicators allow users to see in a single glance what is happening at the airline – or at a competitor airline– and to understand the integrated relationship of surrounding flights.


    Access Proven Forecasting and Optimization

    airRM incorporates sophisticated, time-tested forecasting and optimization models. Originally designed as an O&D revenue management system, it can apply those models whether your airline uses a leg, segment, or O&D-based inventory strategy. Users are able to examine, modify, reconfigure, recalculate, and assign specific forecasts to flights. airRM delivers multiple optimizers together in a single product and provides the flexibility to select the best optimizer for your particular situation.


    Leverage Non-Traditional Data Sources

    airRM pioneered the use of non-traditional data sources to help airline revenue management analysts manage their flights. Understand how inventory settings are affecting booking rates with airRM’s look-to-book data and access data from a variety of sources such as PNR, O&D crossing traffic, OAG, ATPCO, T-100, DB1B, Twitter, tour operator, ancillary revenues, and weather reports.


    Drive Better, More Profitable Decisions

    airRM stores a tremendous amount of historical revenue, inventory, booking and third-party information providing users with a powerful, ad-hoc reporting solution. Users can create reports on the fly, save and edit reports, visualize results in graphs, and export results in multiple formats. Saved reports can be scheduled for automatic generation and sent to a targeted list of contacts.


    See how airRM drives 5-10% incremental revenue within one year of implementation.

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